Easily Manage Web Content


web-X-ten technology makes updating a website just as easy as updating a Facebook status.

Many small to medium size businesses don’t have an onsite web developer. As a result, making quick changes, or updating information on a small business website is difficult or just doesn’t happen at all.

web-X-ten works on any website. You won’t have to build a new website or change over to a new platform.

web-X-ten should be used for a specific area of your website which requires frequent changes. Such as:

  • Daily specials
  • Weekly/Seasonal sales promotions or coupons
  • Upcoming events
  • Announcements
  • Tip of the Week
  • and more….

Using web-X-ten you or your employee logs into the web-X-ten portal and simply types then saves. The application does the rest, and your content is automatically published.

It is so easy, that a bartender could even update the “What’s on Tap” section of a website using their Smartphone!

Links to Learn More

See how easy it is to use – in three simple steps.

Using our calendar, queue up as many updates as you want for a single spot and set a date of publication

Watch a video explaining web-X-ten technology