Web Editing

webXten technology makes updating a website just as easy as updating a Facebook status.
Many small to medium size businesses don’t have an onsite web developer. As a result, making quick changes, or updating information on a small business website is difficult or just doesn’t happen at all.
webXten works on any website. You won’t have to build a new website or change over to a new platform.
webXten should be used for a specific area of your website which requires frequent changes. Such as:
  • Daily specials
  • Weekly/Seasonal sales promotions or coupons
  • Upcoming events
  • Announcements
  • Tip of the Week
  • and more….
Using webXten you or your employee logs into the webXten portal and simply types then saves. The application does the rest, and your content is automatically published.
It is so easy, that a bartender could even update the “What’s on Tap” section of a website using their Smartphone!

Links to Learn More

See how easy it is to use – in three simple steps. Using our calendar, queue up as many updates as you want for a single spot and set a date of publication Watch a video explaining web-X-ten technology